Thursday, 12 April 2012

Voice Acting Resume

Newscaster - Dotted by CiaraUotani
Death Phantom - Sailor Moon R Episode 88 Clip by Celestial Moonlight (CANCELLED???)
Klevar and Goompa - Paper Mario fandub by tatoo (CANCELLED)
Badrick - Black Blood Brothers: Shadows from the Past by Mina (Episode ???, IN THE WORKS)
Military Officer 1 - Freezing fandub by Memories Hope
Seta, Ken and additional voices - Love Hina Christmas Special fandub by Sakura Hughes (???)
Karyuudo and Schoolboy - Mirai Nikki fandub by Stephanie W
Extras - Zombie film by J.D. (???)
Water Mill Keeper and Male Villagers - Soul Blazer fandub by Pokejedservo
Luigi, Wario, Morton Jr, Iggy and Red Gamer Toad - Super Mario Adventures by tatoo
Thoreau and Watchitt - Super Paper Mario fandub by TheBlossomingLily
Biscotti Elder 2, Soldiers - Dog Days fandub by MemoriesHope (CANCELLED???)
Tiger Member Wei - ReDUX: The Radio Drama by Kilaray (Episode 2)
Peon 1 - Tales of Advent by Angelglory (Episode 4, CANCELLED)
Private Mishima - Shadow Hearts fandub by Aobax3
Teacher - Angel Beats Episode 6 Clip by cruc1fx21 (???)
Male Trainer and Alakazam - Alakazam's Amazing Ability by TheBlossomingLily
Monobear - Dangan Ronpa: YOU'RE OUT! fandub by Gonax
Meowth - Smash King by Tigura21 (Episode 19, IN THE WORKS)
SJW#1 - HDG-R: How to be a SJW by RandomDCE
Blathers and Pascal - Animal Crossing Movie fandub by Silhouette
Yuto - Da Capo II fandub by Sk8erPrince (???)
Michael Cole - HDG-R: How to be a WWE Superstar by RandomDCE
Waluigi, Mario, Luigi, Wario, Bowser and Yoshi - HDG-R: How to make a Smash Game by RandomDCE (CANCELLED)
Lieutenant Ripper - Doctor Who and the East India Incident by CP Studios
Link64 - Pokemon Forumet and the Strike of Shadow by pikamaxi (Episode 1 Remake, IN THE WORKS)

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